Saturday, July 04, 2009

SOME (not all) OF MY NEW PIECES...

I had every intention of getting these (and the rest of them) uploaded a lot earlier than now.
Unfortunately I ran out of daylight (again!!)to edit the rest of the pictures. So what you see here is only "some" of what I did this week. At this stage it looks like it may be Monday before I can get to edit the rest.
I had an unexpected visitor today ~ someone I had not seen in a very long time, so had a fair bit of catching up to do :^)

These two pendants will not see the light of day on eBay at all ~ they are too similar to the work of a very talented lady in Great Britain and given that I am not in love with my work being copied, I think it would be in very poor taste to offer something for sale online that is very obviously someone else's technique. I just wanted to see how they would work. I will probably keep both of these pieces for myself :^)
I love both of these pendants ~ the colours are awesome "for real"!!!

The following two pendants are along similar lines to the previous ones, but are a combination of satin and glossy glass. For some reason the camera didn't want to play nice today, so the colours really haven't shown up all that well. I will be exploring this idea further ~ I have a few things "brewing".....

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