Saturday, June 20, 2009


What a strange day ~I really can't love winter!!! Thank goodness the winter solstice is nearly here and days will start getting longer again...YAY!!!
One minute it's sunny, then as grey as!! Makes for editing photos a bit tricky!!
There were to be a fair few more than these, but they are sitting in varying degrees of "done" ~ some need grinding, some need to be engraved, some just need firing and one needs some tricky sawing :^)
Dichroic glass and artificial light aren't a great pairing!! Way too glary to see what you are doing...
Hopefully there'll be lots of sunshine next week ~ please!!!!

I just have to list my auctions and then these will be going over to eBay as Buy~it~Now pieces.
If anything catches your fancy ~ just shoot me an email, I'll probably be here for the next 3 hours at least!!

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