Saturday, May 02, 2009


Well, the good news is I won my new printer :^) It took 5 days and 4 emails from me to get an invoice from the seller...GRRR. Was not particularly impressed!! Now with Monday being a public holiday, who knows how long it will take...???
What a week it's been ~ lots of stupid things happening and then my mouse hijacked my computer!! The second time in as many months!! Windows popping up everywhere, things just going totally crazy!! Twice I was writing emails and it started ~ needless to say, I lost them and had to start over ~ actually I ended up spitting the dummy and gave up!!! The new mouse is wonderful AND a different brand!! LOL...

These are the pieces listed to start at auction tomorrow.
The slide pendant at the bottom is very similar to my piece from last week except it does not have a bail...and it's a different colour...LOL..
I have quite a few engraved pieces also going there as Buy it Now pieces ~ I will upload those pictures shortly.
I'm off to get dinner started....back soon :^)

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