Friday, April 24, 2009

AAARRRGGGHHH!! stupid delays!!!

There may not be too many pictures of dichroic glass pendants today or tomorrow :^(
I knew the glass supply was gettin' low, so (for a change) being super efficient I ordered more before I actually ran out. It has taken just over a week to get my glass from Sydney to here!! And for a change it was NOT Aust. post's fault. The glass was in stock ~ yay, it had gone up a bit in price ~ boo, but it should have made it in 2 days max!!!!! GGGGGRRRRRRR...not happy Jan.
So instead here are 2 more of my little cards. They're quite simple designs, but I think they have merit..
All going well, I could very well be the owner of a new laser printer this afternoon ~ fingers crossed ~ which means I will be printing my own little card sets up myself. To date the prices I have been quoted for doing the printing are RIDICULOUS!! I have lots of ideas on how to use these designs and it will pretty well depend on me doing it myself. So if anyone knows how I can squeeze at leat 3 more hours into a day ~ PLEASE SHARE!!!!

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