Saturday, March 14, 2009


I've just finished editing 81 pictures ~ this is a sampling of what there is :^)
I actually had taken more pictures than that, but I ran out of daylight, and I have discovered it is a VERY bad idea to try and do them of a night ~ dichroic glass does NOT look the same in daylight as of a night time!!
All up I'm very happy with what I did get done this week ~ even though I had 1 kilnload a disaster and an engraved one with a CZ completely shear in half in the kiln :^(

A new style of dimensional pieces..

More engraving ~ I'd be happy if this was all I ever did!! I love to just get lost in what I am doing :^)

Very frustrating trying to photograph these ~ no matter what I did, I could not get the colour of the wiggles to show properly ~ with the 3 of these if you look at them from a slight angle, the lines are magenta!!

Some silk'n satin stripey ones..

More of the 24kt gold....

And lastly some of my "dramatic dimensions"...

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weirdlywired said...

damn woman, you're BUSY!!! I LOVE the pendants at the top - SASSY!!!