Saturday, January 17, 2009


These are not quite all of them, but a variety of styles :^)

Firstly some clear capped glossy ones.

These are also glossy, but have torch worked glass as the middle layer.
I have a very nice pair of matching blisters on thumb and forefinger from doing these!!
A word to the wise ~ if you're playing with fire and you drop something ~ leave it where it lands for at least 5 minutes ~ IT HURT!!!! LOL...

A couple of dimensional and engraved satin pieces.

My take on an Arts & Crafts style leadlight window ~ all hand engraved.
Before anyone says anything ~ it IS a tree!!! NOT a sailboat like "he who shall not be named" seems to think!

And lastly ~ I wasn't too sure if this would work ~ but this is my take on an engraved, not drawn Zentangle. Felt tip pen certainly works up quicker!! I am really very pleased with how this worked out :^) :^)

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Anonymous said...

That is SO obviously a tree!!!