Friday, November 14, 2008


I don't think I much like full moons much ~ what a crazy few days!!
Dramas with furniture deliveries, electrical appliance going KAPUT, pizza deliveries that don't arrive and injuries to me!! I thought it was awkward enough I sliced the end of my thumb (right hand) open, but no ~ I have to go and inflict a war wound on my left one ~ I burnt it on the kiln ~ what a twit!!! Oh, and a few other minor hiccups along the way. But HA HA I survived anyway!!
A couple of good things did come out of this week though :^) I have some stunning new glass in from the US and some gorgeous glass paint I'm itching to try ~ well, I hope it is gorgeous...LOL.
I have some really nice (I think) engraved pieces in the kiln, quite a few on my desk waiting for bails and some bits and pieces I have uploaded here.
Now I bid you good night :^) We get up at around 4.30 am here (it's damned daylight then) and I am very very tired ~ so CYA later :^) :^)

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