Saturday, November 29, 2008


A few different styles here :^)
Nearly all of these will be going buy~it~now on eBay, unless snaffled up before I get a chance to list them :^)
I've still to do most of my auction photos ~ the last picture here is the only one I've done to date & my only listing so far!! I am VERY VERY happy with how this piece worked ~ it's not for the faint~hearted ~ it's a whopper!! LOL.

First of all some set with CZ's..

Some pictures for Eraina to have a look at..

A couple more brooches..

Silk 'n satin pendants..

A couple of baby full fused pieces..

And my honkin' big baby!!! This is honestly awesome for real!! The tree is fine silver that is only partially embedded in the glass, not totally under like my last one. I LOVE THIS!!

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Anonymous said...

The tree is unbelievable; what an artist you are! -Jenni