Thursday, November 06, 2008


Silly thing to write?? ~ YEP ~ that's me :^)
Sorry, it just jumped in my head and would not go away!
I WAS once told I was a witch in a past life. According to some ~ I still am!!!!

Anyway ~ heaps of bubble pendants ~ coloured ones and clear.
Funny (weird) thing about trying to photograph these pieces ~ IRL the bubbles are much fuller looking and there appears to be a lot less black. I've tried a kazillion different camera settings and they always come out the same ~ must be the "dichro gremlins" at work!!

The first group of pendants are for 'T' to have a look at :^)

This second group are all clear bubbles over rainbow glass. The dichro gremlins were out in full force yesterday and these are fired marginally more than I would like.
They do look quite alright IRL, but there are a couple of bubbles that fused into each other.
If anyone is interested ~ these will be at a discounted price ~please just email me via MY PROFILE on the RHS of this page for prices.
If anyone would like answers to any questions ~ I will answer them tomorrow ~ I am pretty well falling asleep here and need desperately to go to bed!!! So good night :^)

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