Saturday, September 27, 2008


Two more "carved" pieces..The heart also has "bubble powder" under the glass ~ so the bubbles ARE supposed to be there. And floating around with the bubbles is a tiny cubic zirconia!

My first go at setting a cubic zirconia into the surface of the glass ~ this is fired into place NOT glued..
It actually looks super sparkly "for real" and all going well will be the first of many :^)

And this one was a classic ~ I thought the kiln was going to go "bang"!! Fired WAAAAY hotter than is usual ~ this is not the greatest picture in the world ~ the surrounding glass looks REALLY metallic and the centre section is like looking in through a window.
It's a brilliant effect!! (well, I think so!)

And finally a few of the new glass pieces, I never got a chance to do more than these ones & I since have had more colours come in, so more on the way :^)


glamrouz03 said...

hey!!! this is the first blog that made sense to me!!.. wow!! nice work of art!!!... do you sell it?.. or if not.. can i ask one for free??.. LOLZ... i really love your glass stuffs! so cute!...expect me to keep viewing your blog from now on!... cool!!!!

Hazel Dusk said...

OMG!!! They are all made of glass???
They're soooooo pretty!!!!!
How can i get them????