Monday, April 14, 2008


It's amazing - having 4 days away completely throws your momentum out the window!!
We had a fantastic time - it was great catching up with everyone after what seems like forever.
And Gary's dad who turned 80, looks absolutely fantastic - which means we'll be there for his 90th!!!
What do I miss about Melbourne? Certainly not the cold weather - YUK!!!!!
The weather turned nice the day we left - before that - BLOODY COLD!!!
Very glad to be HOME in Queensland!!

These are some of the pieces I did last week - I didn't get heaps done - I had good intentions but couldn't get moving :^(
The others are already listed on eBay, which is where these will more than likely end up :^)

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Anne said...

These are just lovely. The colours are gorgeous and I love the etched look that some of them have.