Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 41

Well, I may not be on theme (yet again) but I think I made it on time (??)

This is one of three identical pieces I'm doing at the moment for a friend's bridesmaids. All Swarovski crystal and sterling silver.
There are also 3 pairs of earrings that match the dangly bit at the bottom of the pendant. They're not quite finished yet.
Some of you may remember the wedding necklace I did ages ago for FSOJ with the spiraled Murano glass drop as the centrepiece. Well, these are to co-ordinate with that :^) I've added another picture of that one at the bottom of this post..
The wired up bunches of crystals and pearls are picks to go in the bride's bouquet.
I find it very difficult to photograph Swaros with silver for some reason (??) These pieces are really very pretty in real life.

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