Saturday, September 22, 2007


I'll be back a bit later to write about this piece - but for now I just needed to get it posted..........later 'gator....:^)
Argentium sterling silver & dichro :^)

OK - I'm back..
The theme for this week is "Ra, Egyptian God of Sun"
I actually managed to hit the theme this week - with a little bit of imagination :^)
The scarab was called Kherpi & was a sign of the sun god Ra. It was the symbol of the rising sun & it was believed to be reborn everyday.
A very stylized dichroic scarab suspended from egyptian spirals fashioned from 18g argentium silver. A light thumping with the hammer and just a touch of antiquing. Suspended from braided black leather.
I did discover something interesting this week - black patina for leadlighting works very well on silver. And it has an amazing shelf life!!
I found a bit in a bottle that is over 10 years old and it works a treat - PLUS, big bonus - no smell!!

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