Monday, August 20, 2007


Wow - what a week this has been! Not one to repeat in a hurry, that's for sure!!
Still having stupid computer issues.
Plus, our work van has packed it in. At least it had the decency to die with great dignity in our own driveway, not in the middle of nowhere (from whence it had just come)
So in between trying to organize another vehicle and all the running around that involves, I have done very little again this week.
I managed to get some glass done for eBay and not a great deal more.
Two quick pairs of earrings is my offering for this week.
8mm faceted blue goldstone, 6, 5, & 4mm crystal AB swaros and sterling silver.
Simple and sparkly - these are to add to stock for a home party I have coming up.
But on a brighter note - most of my argentium has arrived - so definitely going to try and get some torch time this week!!!

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