Saturday, July 21, 2007


Not on theme - yet again :^)

My life is a little bit consumed with making glass bits and pieces at the
I got the best ever birthday present this week - "he who must be obeyed" didn't know what to give me this year, so he suggested $$$$ into my paypal account so I could get what I wanted. YAHOO!!! I had a field day! I managed to demolish it AND a bit more in about 30 mins.
Very shortly (when it all arrives) I will have enough glass to sink a battleship!!
I can't wait to start playing some more!!!
I have a kazillion ideas for different shapes & techniques to try!!

Anyway, this is my piece for this week. I wanted a pendant to go with a pair of earrings I made in week 8. This is it.
Hammered spiral dangles a la Lisa Niven Kelly, a tiny fire-polished amethyst coloured rondelle, the (at the moment) obligatory bit of glass and a new way (for me) to attach the fired-in silver loop to a leather cord.
All in all I'm quite happy with how this came out :^)

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