Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, here we are at the last week of the second quarter :^) Doesn't time fly?
And I think I've just scraped in on time....
Yet again, not on theme - I will make a more concerted effort next quarter - well, I'll try!!!

My piece for this week is a bangle I actually made for myself.
I have quite a few of these Bali silver bangles with the screw -on ends and thought this might be just a bit different and a bit of fun :^)

Other than the bangle I used as the basis for this, there is about 28 feet of 26 gauge sterling wire and the tiny little swaros are 3mm Bermuda blue critters.
The finished bangle is very heavily LOS'd 'coz I ran out of steel wool - but that's OK - I've well and truly been converted thanks to someone who shall remain nameless!!! (but we all know who that is - don't we Angie?...LOL) This looked just like tinsel for the Christmas tree before I gave it a dunking!

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Anonymous said...

what a HUGE difference in the before and after LOS!!! Thanks for posting that.
Angie S