Monday, June 25, 2007


Definitely not on theme again, and probably one of the worst photos I've ever taken! I will re-do this picture, but at the moment I'm a bit p***ed off with the whole ordeal - I've been at it for about 2 hours!
But at least this necklace is finally finished.
This started life as just the tassel from my week 6 piece.
It has gone thru about 3 incarnations to get to here.
This necklace is looooong.
The tassel hangs just below the bottom of where my bra sits. But that was totally my intention. It is meant to be worn with a long black jumper and skirt that I have.
A LOT of sterling wire, Swarovski crystals in siam, light siam, crytal AB and vitrail medium. Not too sure how many there are - but at last count it was over 300!
I love this necklace - it looks awesome on - it's just an absolute mongrel to try and

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Sarebear said...

this is absolutely magnificently gorgeous! That's the length I would have made it, too. The chest makes a nice hang-off point for a tassel like that, lol!