Monday, March 19, 2007


This piece is not quite finished, but in the interest of not falling behind, I am posting what IS done.
I actually had a lot of fun figuring this one out.
Obviously it is a windchime - or rather it will be when I can get the pipes drilled for the final bit. At the moment it could just be a finished tassel :^)
I have used a ton of copper wire in this - and my hands are just about ready to fall off!!
I have also included 2 malachite beads that my sister gave me some time ago - they weigh heaps and are a bit damaged, so I thought they would be perfect with the copper here.
The main body part of the tassel is about 3" wide and just over 2 "high. The overall length so far is about 16 & 1/2" and it should be about 24" when I finish it.

The final bits and pieces ready to go.

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