Sunday, February 25, 2007


And how you may ask - does she get atmosphere with 4 pairs of earrings?
Well, I don't really!
Except, if you look up the word in the dictionary : n. The air or climate in a specific place. Well, the air around here certainly changed colour a few times as I was doing these!
Cutting wires too short, hammering my finger instead of the wire - the air definately turned "blue" a few

I wanted to try a couple of different techniques this week, and I very much love the work of Lynn Merchant and don't do a great deal in that style. So that is where 2 pair of these originated from.
I used 20gauge sterling silver wire for the hooks and coiled bits in both pairs.
The lower section of the amethyst ones is done with 18gauge and then wrapped with 24g (I think).
The rose quartz dangles are on bali silver headpins.

These green ones are aventurine on an 18gauge frame.
Originally they weren't going to be coiled like this and were going to be on just a hammered frame.
The coiling and the 4mm beads were an afterthought, that I needed to get them to balance properly. These were coiled with 26gauge.

And lastly, these are from a project by Lisa Niven Kelly in an Art Jewelry magazine from a while back.
18gauge sterling silver hammered into submission.

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