Sunday, February 04, 2007


When I first saw this week's theme I thought - no way will I be able to think something up for this one. I was going to post some wedding pieces I have just finished instead.
Late yesterday I had one of those "ah-ha" moments! I remembered something I had read ages ago.
In Japanese mythology clear quartz is held in very high esteem - they believe it to be the congealed BREATH of the White Dragon, and as such - believe it to be the perfect jewel.
That combined with a tutorial I have been meaning to do for ages is what led me to here.

Clear quartz crystal in 4 different sizes, a couple of brushed sterling beads and a decent amount of 20G sterling wire are the components of this bangle - with a slight variation in the instructions.

I also had a play with another one (using the original instructions) - a solid bangle, no clasp - using amethysts, dyed jade, dyed jasper, rose quartz and some czech FP beads. And both have been treated with LOS....

These are probably the simplest things I have made in a while, but I love the way they feel on and just may have to make some more!!

If you'd like a copy of these instructions please e-mail me thru my profile....L.

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