Sunday, January 21, 2007


I couldn't for the life of me think of anything except butterflies this week. So this is it!
I made the chain section first with twisted square 20G wire joined with 6mm jump rings. The dangly bits in the front are left-over odds and ends of 5 different chains that I had laying around and in themselves not really long enough to do much with. 4 different colours of Swaros and these way cute Swaro butterflies. Sorry that you can't see them all that well in this picture - it didn't want to co-operate!!
Anyway, in real life - this is quite "pretty" and actually looks quite good on.

This is a pendant made from some of the molten "blobs" from last week.

And this is just fiddling around, balling up fine silver.
The dangle is a Swaro heart in heliotrope - I seriously LOVE this colour!

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Doxallo said...

LOVE the heart one!! I mean, I like them all - but the heart one is really really nice.