Monday, August 07, 2006


This week sees me not really on theme - but sorta, kinda, almost!! lol. We have glass fusing, chain-maille, beads and wire-work (I made the "S" clasp at the back!).
As a continuation of me playing with & experimenting with dichro, this piece has evolved.
The pendant started life with 4 rings embedded into the glass, but due to a firing glitch has ended up with only 2. It's actually a happy accident 'coz I like the way that this hangs, and think I may end up doing more like this one.
Originally, I was going to put this together with mutiple strands of strung glass and silver beads, but decided at the last minute to go off on a different tangent and use this style of chain instead.
The glass seed beads were part of a box of goodies sent to me by one of my sisters and I thought they were perfect to use here.
I'm really happy with how this turned out - it's just a shame dichro is soooooo hard to photograph well...

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