Friday, July 14, 2006


It seems like ages (it actually is) since I last posted anything at all. The last month has been a bit crazy all round. I went away for 4 days to work at the bead and gem show up in Brisbane - awesome fun, but very,very tiring. I don't think I've recovered yet!! Then there were a heap of other dramas as well and top it all off with a huge dose of full-blown 'mental-pause'! You have runs like that
This is my piece for this weeks' theme. I started with a poppy jasper donut (my absolute favourite of all the jasper colours) and wrapped it 'Eni-style' using 20 & 28 g. sterling wire and 4mm faceted black onyx beads. It is suspended from a black neoprene choker. I was going to make something a bit fancier to hang it on, but decided I really like the simplicity of this instead.

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