Friday, May 05, 2006


Jewelry for Wee Ones - hmmmmm - what to do?
This bangle came about sort of by accident. The last week or so I have been playing with different style copper bangles & this was one of them. It was meant to be adult-size, but a major miscalculation by yours truly and it turned out tiny! So it volunteered to be my piece for this week! lol
But that's OK - it will fit my 13 year old niece who has tiny little wrists. Hers are the same size as the 3 year old grandchild! Very petite...
The frame work for this bangle is 12 gauge copper - textured with a chasing hammer. I have then wrapped and looped 2 lengths of 18 gauge around that.
I am very pleased with how this turned out - albeit a bit tiny. It was a nice & quick, relatively simple piece to do.

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