Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The theme for this week is Art Nouveau.
This would probably have to be my all-time favourite period for the decorative arts. I have numerous books on the subject (had 'em forever) and I never get tired of just sitting and looking through them. They are always an inspiration for something I'm doing - ceramics, painting or jewellery.
So, this week I have been sitting & drawing ideas & designs - I probably have enough to keep me going for at least the next decade.
I have lots of the typical curvy, organic style of things, But by the same token - heaps of the more linear style made famous by the Scottish artists. I may have to "play" with this era for a while longer!
This week I have decided to go with the more fluid look that typifies Art Nouveau to most people.
The centrepiece of the necklace is soldered and hammered 16 gauge sterling wire. Added to this I have used amazonite beads in 3 different sizes and 6mm swarovsky bicones in blue zircon. Lots of "design choices"( as Dianne so beautifully puts it) along the way. This did start life with a few more curly bits, but after a couple of mishaps with the torch - we kind of simplified things a tad!

this picture is very badly focused but gives a better overall view of what I have done here.

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