Wednesday, November 23, 2005


This is probably not one of my better efforts at photography - but I so love these earrings!
Not really very celtic, but until I buy a jig thingy this is the best I can do. I had a go making little loopy bits with just round nose pliers and they ended up all over the place like a dog's dinner.
So I started thinking on a slightly different type tangent - they also incorporate lots of spiral stuff in their designs as well - so that's where I went.
These are egyptian coils combined with Lisa Niven Kelly's Fleur de Link design pieces. I must admit - I had a few stuff-ups before I got the hang of it! They're a bit rough around the edges but I like 'em anyway. The faceted stones at the bottom are cracked quartz.
I'm having a total "mental-pause" effort at the moment & can't for the life of me remember who it was that told me about oxidising with an egg but - THANK YOU!!!! It worked a treat! I was telling my SIL about it and she came out with a classic (at least I thought so) I can charge more for my jewellery if I use free-range eggs!

This is what they looked like before my cooking effort!
They're OK but I like them so much better blackened up a bit.

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