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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I had a bit of a clear out and have now listed 21 pendants for auction on eBay....all starting at 99cents. They will run for 7 days.
These are just a few of the ones I have up.
Maybe a cheap and cheerful little extra for someone at Christmas??

Sunday, April 10, 2011


At least for the time being!
Here are the four pendants I have listed for auction on eBay this week.
These will be my last ones for a while as I am having a bit of a break from eBay.
I've had a couple of fantastic years there, met some great people and had a lot of fun, but I think the time has come for a change of pace.
I could be back later this year, but at this stage I'm not too sure which way I will go.
I will still be making new pieces and doing custom orders every week and sharing them here.
My intention is to get my ArtFire Studio up and running to it's full potential ~ I have lots of ideas for new pendants and cabs as well as finished pieces of jewellery.
And then there is also my artwork ~ I would dearly love to get some of that listed too :^)
It may be a little confusing at first ~ ArtFire is listed in US$ but PayPal handles the conversion stuff for you, so it's really quite easy. Any questions and I'm only an email away :^)
A big thank you to those that have supported me on eBay and I hope you will pop in and visit my ArtFire Studio.
At the moment there is not a great deal listed, but over the coming weeks I hope to change that!! If there is anything you would like to see ~ please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do :^)


Thursday, April 07, 2011


Here are the four pendants I currently have up and running at auction on eBay.
The first one pictured is an amazing shaded green glass that runs from a citrus colour through to a gorgeous peacock. A combination of satin and glossy dichroic glass that has been hand engraved in a sort of tribal design.
The next one in an oval shape flashes a lot more magenta than the picture shows ~ stunning colours!! A combo of sparkly, satin and glossy dichro with little hand made murrine.

Number three is a really simple abstract design for those that like big and bold! The colours in this piece are beautiful in real life ~ the engraved golden sections reflect green as it catches the light and the red is as red as it gets :^)
My final piece here is one of made of mostly hand made art glass with flashes of dichro. This is one of the nicest pendants in this style ~ soft and pretty with a bit of a kick!! I love how this piece has worked!!

That's it for me now ~ best I get a wriggle on and get some work done, so there will be more to share come Saturday.
I hope everyone is having a great week!!
cheers ~ Lyn.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Here are my four auction pieces I currently have up and running on eBay.
This very first one is another of the multi layered dichro and art glass pieces. I think this is my favourite colour combination so far, the colours in this are just so pretty together :^)
The photograph really does not do the next pendant justice! The sparkle that this one has is stunning and the pink engraved sections have a beautiful greenish cast to them as they catch the light. I've also used a sterling bail here and this comes complete with a sterling silver chain.

From soft and pretty to bright and bold!
The colours in the red/orange engraved pendant are very intense, again much brighter than the camera will show!!
And finally one of my little engraved Victorian patchwork pieces. I used to love doing this with fabric and I really enjoy doing these with glass!! Lots of different colours and a lot of fun!!

That's all from me at the moment ~ I hope you're all having a great week!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


These are the four pendants that were listed to start at auction on eBay on Sunday morning.

This first little baby is a personal favourite. I think I said in the listing there were five different types of glass used in this piece ~ there are actually six! Four times through the kiln and presented with a sterling silver bail and chain. I really love the soft, but not wussy colours in this pendant.
The triangular one kind of "just" evolved. It started out life going to be something totally different, but when I started engraving, my muse had a mind of her own and far be it from me to argue!! LOL. I really like how this one has worked, so very happy I did what I was told!

Next in line is one of my engraved rainbow/chakra pendants ~ a very simple design, but great colours that will go with so many things :^)
And finally, this is my most favourite for this week. Black and white always looks quite stylish and this gorgeous red with the BIG cubic zirconia and a simple engraved blossom really makes this pendant "pop".

That's it from me at the moment :^)
I have a huge week planned ~ two competition pieces I'd like to finish by Friday, a wedding card to make, some pendants to wire up, a tutorial for a bail I want to write and some orders I also need to finish. If I manage half of these things I'll be a happy camper!!
Have a great week!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


These are the four pieces I have currently up for auction on eBay ~ finishing Sunday morning.

The first one is a big curvy triangle~ glossy and satin dichro with a touch of hand engraving.
This next one is a simple striped one, again with just a touch of engraving and finished off with three litlle dimensional bubbles.

The icy white one is a five layered piece, hand painted with silver lustre and finished with a hand crafted sterling silver bail. It has lots of colour, although it's very hard to tell from the pictures.
And lastly, a Spicks and Specks heart pendant. Lots of colour and pattern in this one!!

Hope you've all had a fantastic week so far!!!
Now off to get ready to go out to dinner ~ YAY!! No cooking for me tonight :^)

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Here are the four dichroic glass pendants I have currently at auction on eBay, these are ending tomorrow morning.
They are a bit (lot) late making it to my blog ~ I really don't know where the time went this week! To whatever little gremlin stole this week from me, can I have it back please??
I went to add these yesterday in between firing kilns and cutting glass and the power went out. From that I ended up having computer issues and now thankfully I am back online. I was just about beside myself wondering what I was going to do ~ funny how dependant we become on technology!!!

This first dimensional pendant has been made so that the chain just slides right on through ~ the colours are incredibly vibrant in real life, the gold almost has a life of it's own!
Next is one of my multi layer, multi glass pieces. The simple bail on this has been hand crafted from heavy gauge gold~filled wire.

My little purple peace crane has a sterling silver bail.
As does my mosaic garden pendant.

All going well and providing the light stays with me, I will be back just after dinner tonight with more pictures.
Have a great weekend!!

Monday, February 28, 2011


What a stunning start to the week!! It's going to be a hot one, but there is a gorgeous cooling breeze and the sky is that beautiful clear blue without a cloud in sight. I LOVE days like these :^)
Ah well, enough of our local weather report...LoL..on to things glassy...
These are the four pendants I listed yesterday on eBay.
This gorgeous little lime green one is layers of art glass, dichro, hand made murrini and a touch of hand painted silver lustre. This one has been wrapped in sterling silver wire.
The black/ white/ silver one is a very simple engraved design, but I really love how it worked! The bail on this is also sterling silver.

These next two are a combination of satin, sparkly and glossy glass that I have added a touch of hand engraving to.
The lime one is another of my Art Deco inspired ones, I don't think I will ever run out of ideas and colour combinations for this style ~ they really are a joy to do.
The one on the right has been finished off with three super sparkly bubbles. This pendant has the most stunning colour shifts in real life ~ it's really beautiful!!

Off to do a quick tidy up of my desk (can't find a thing!!) and then start my working week..
Have a great week everyone ~ Lyn.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm getting in early with this post while I have a little bit of quiet time.
I have heaps on the go this week and am just about to attempt the big tidy up in prep for house guests :^)
These are the four pieces started at auction this morning on eBay. They run for seven days.

I'm aiming to list a cross section of styles each week ~ if there is anything you would like to see ~ just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

I have two engraved ones this week ~ the Rainbow, guaranteed to go with just about anything and my Gothic inspired Tree of Life ~ the cz's in this one give it heaps of pizazz!! I really love how it worked out :^)
And then there is a multi layered white folk art style heart ~ alive with lots of flashes of colour.
My final of the four is a very soft aqua and white with touches of lime. This is a gorgeous piece of glass ~ I just love how these come out of the kiln so very different each and every time.

Off to play household Goddess...Blech!!
Have a great week!! cheers ~ Lyn.

Friday, February 18, 2011


The four pendants pictured here are currently up for auction on eBay

The first one is a reinvention of a previous design. The contrast between the hand engraved dichroic flower and the black background looks great in real life!
This next one is an absolutely gorgeous combination of four different glasses. This is so pretty and very summery.

The next two pendants have sterling silver bails, the first one hand made by yours truly and the second one a commercially bought one.
Hand engraving, satin and glossy dichroic glass and hand made murrine make up the Abstract Window .
The Pick Up Stix pendant is a multi coloured one using a combination of satin and super sparkly glass.

The kiln is off and now I'm off to bed :^)
I'll be back tomorrow afternoon sometime with some more pictures ~ good night :^)

Saturday, February 12, 2011


These are the four pendants I currently have up for auction on eBay this week.

The first two even though both with little flower murrine are about as far removed from each other as you get. The little posy on the left is pretty funky and a lot of fun. The other on a baby blue background is really soft and pretty :^)

And then two triangle shapes, again quite different. The first one with lots of colours ~ very cheerful and the other larger one ~ much more subdued, but gorgeous for real!!

I apologise for their tardy appearance here on my blog but it seems whoever was listening ~ or not as the case may be, didn't give me the week of boring and ordinary I asked for!!
Next week please??

Sunday, January 30, 2011


These are the four pendants that I have just listed for auction on eBay this week.

The first two are layers and layers of glass, but as different as chalk is to cheese.
The aqua one is a full gloss one with three little murrine that have been fired so they are still dimensional. The colour is just gorgeous!!
The next one has just about every colour known to man or woman!! Very sparkly!!

Number three here is a great combo of colours that I have added engraving to.
And lastly my super sparkly Halo pendant. I'm not normally a gold kinda girl, but I REALLY love how the gold filled wire works here :^)

Hope you all have a great week~ cheers ~ Lyn.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


My first ones for this year :^)
I have four pieces listed this week and they are all as different as chalk is to cheese!

The very first one is wrapped with sterling silver wire. It has layers and layers of glass and is absolutely gorgeous "for real".
The next one is using the gorgeous little murrine from lori&kim plus multiple layers of handmade art glass.

Another version of my Pick Up Stix pendants ~ this one has a sterling silver bail.
And finally my Mosaic Garden pendant, this time done in an oval shape :^)